Take me home, back to where I belong

Olivia, Call me Libby.
Living in Cali, My hearts in Oklahoma,
Just one confused bitch.
its whatever.

So I’m sitting in class & the teacher is talking about rape and domestic abuse,

int he middle of her speech i got a tex from cara that said, “good morning beautiful, how was your night? mine would have been wonderful if you were by my side” I start smiling like a big fat dummy, and the teacher looks at me. Shes talking about abuse and im smiling like an idiot, she now probably thinks im some sort of phsycopath! hahah best part of my day so far. ohh p.s. the bitches in this class are so un-nessasarily rude to everyone, i told this bitch to have a good weekend, and she said “not if i have to see you guys again” O: i didnt even want to come this morning after she said that lastnight, but i did, cus im getting paiidd. ok, class time now.

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